This was my first attempt at completing a full album. 90 pages, first traditionally inked, then reworked in Adobe Photoshop adding grayscale effects. I started working on it in 1989, making a few scetches and outlining the plot. It took many hours to complete it,not being very skilled at the time and my computer crashing on one occasion, erasing about forty of the completed pages and forcing me to start all over again. I was planning to release it in ī97, but to this date itīs still in my drawer, collecting dust. Looking at it today, the evolution of my skills is evident - in other words, much of it looks like crap.

The story is about an association of magicians, somewhen in the very distant future, when the earth is populated by strange and alien folk. Ditirf Pferr, a young upstart in the association is subject to a prank from one of his enemies. A struggle for power is the result as he fights to obtain redress... Readers of Jack Vances' Dying Earth-novels may recognize the general ideas.