I have spent hundreds of hours drawing comics. When I was about ten I took the first steps of trying to create my own stories. Of course they were very simple and I was not very skilled with pen and ink at that time, but it was a lot of fun. As I grew older I scanned the pages of thousands of comic-magazines, wanting to be as good as the artists. I was especially fond of horrorcomics and artists like Berni Wrightson and Nestor Redondos SwampThing-stories. Below are a few examples of some of those I actually completed.

GRETTIR - 100 pages, full color, available through amazon.com

DITIRFS' DILEMMA - 60 pages, never released.
SHABGLUB - 30 pages, never released.
HUGA, VILKET MONSTER! SA GORAN - childrens book 40 pages, never released.
KLYX DYNAMO, RYMDENS AVSKRÄDE - published in Svenska Serier 1995.